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It has been a few months since my Triumphant Return post. I just wanted everyone to know that I’m still using Gentoo and loving it. I just recently (finally) got printing working. It was not an easy task, but I got it. I got CUPS working as well so I can connect to my printer from all my windows computers.

It seems with everything that I want to do on Linux, it demands having a far from basic understanding of how things work. I do not think anything has installed on the first attempt. It usually takes many many attempts to get things working (like with printing). I have had to modify ebuilds and add patches that I have found online. I haven’t had to write my own patch yet, but I’m sure it is coming. There are some things that I have still yet to get installed. For instance, I would like to get IE 6 installed, so that I can attempt to use Microsoft Money. The only reason I continue to use MS Money is because I haven’t been able to find a comparable application for Linux and I like the online sharing (even though I can not seem to connect through my laptop). So until I find something else, I would like to use Money on my desktop, but installing IE 6 appears to be a challenge.

Anyway, I feel I am past the hump and I can start to really have some fun with my new OS. Plus the new elightenment is gorgeous. I even have a magnifying launch bar just like in OS X 🙂

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