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Well I broke down and bought Madden 2006 last week. I hope I get a chance to play it more. I got to put in a little game time a couple of days ago and it has a lot of the same features that I got used to in 2005. It does have this new QB feature though. It is a really cool feature. Basically the idea is before you hike the ball you can tell your QB who you want him to look to. You then have the option to change where the QB is looking after the ball is snapped. If you are looking at the receiver you are passing to, then your pass percentage will go up and you can even control what side of the player you pass the ball to. It takes a lot of getting used to though. There are a lot of buttons to push and not much time as anyone who has played the game knows. I just ran the practice mode for a while on QB Vision and then after I got several successful passes in, I decided to start a game. I decided to start easy and work my way up, so I played the Browns (arguably the worst team in the NFL right now.) I was able to win the game (I was playing as the Steelers of course) 17-5, but my first drive ended in a safety, not a great way to start the game. I just have to get more practice in before I challenge James to a match. He needs to get an ethernet to wireless bridge so that he can get online anyway.

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