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I just wanted to let people know that a couple of new websites I contributed to are out on the internet. It is nice to finally be able to have work I’ve done viewable to the rest of the world. My blogs are great, but they will probably never really be real known, because I know not a lot of people link to them and that is how google rates your site. The sites that I have contributed to are DBC Rentals which is a small rental agency in Columbia, MO. My partners in crime were James Estes, Ryan Tyer and Nick Ortmann. It was both a fun and painful project to work on. It was fun developing and painful dealing with the hosting company. Luckily I didn’t have to deal with them much, Ryan had that horrendous task. Anyway, it is a finished project finally. The other project that I have recently worked on is a site the company I currently am working for Monsanto. It is a client/webservice application that displays how Monsanto’s products are comparing to the competition in different areas. The site is still in development and is tentatively going to be finished around July 17th. Here is the link Summary Reports. I’m proud to say that it is the first web application on Monsanto to adhere to xhtml standards. It is even xhtml 1.1 strict compliant.

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