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Well I just got done reading the reviews on the new PSP (Playstation Portable) and I’m seriously impressed. If I had $250 to spend right now I would be on my way to best buy/circuit city or where ever they are still in stock. It has built in USB 2.0, comes with 32MB built in memory along with a 32MB memory stick, it has a wideaspect 16:9 screen, it comes with a PSP version of Spider Man 2 (The Movie), comes with a rechargable Lithium Ion battery, and best of all it has built in WiFi. The discs for it hold 1.8GB which means the games are going to be almost the same resolution and size as the PS2. It’s basically like having a pocket size PS2 at your disposal at any time. I’m sold basically, I’ve just got to come up with the $250 price tag and I’ll be joining the masses, and since it is portable I might be able to play it more often than I have been able to play the PS2 since my wife hates video games.

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