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Well I’ve finished the html for the project I’m working on at Monsanto. I’ve been able to make it compliant with xhtml 1.1 strict and it is completely style driven. This of course wasn’t how I got the html. The html they gave me wasn’t even valid 4.01 Transitional and since I’m using xslt to transform xml documents into html that wasn’t going to fly. So I spent a week and rewrote their html to be compatible in all newer browsers and completely style based. In the process I cut out a lot of unnecessary tabular layout. My application will also be the first monsanto internet application to be xhtml 1.1 or even xhtml compliant. I can’t wait until it makes it to production. I’ve never had an application go to production. Friend to Friend which I was developing for the post office never made it that far and I don’t feel that Travelnow counts. Well when it is finally done I’ll probably send you all the link for it. It isn’t a protected page or anything. It just displays performance comparisons for some of monsanto’s products.

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